A textile art that did not discriminate between a male or female weaver, an art that underwent hundreds of transformations and a new Macrame technique was invented constantly during its flourishing age. Macrame art has seen the best of its days during its initial stages, but unfortunately, Macrame art was soon forgotten by the artists who once practiced it wholeheartedly.

Recently, Macrame art is becoming a popular textile art form among millennials. The modern technique and history of Macrame art can be traced back to Middle Eastern countries, particularly the Arabic regions. The Arabian weavers used different knotting techniques to strengthen the borders of their woven shawls and rugs.

Recently, there has been a noticeable surge in the demand for Macrame door curtains. Among the various Macramé items in the market, these curtains are gaining popularity due to their versatility, aesthetic appeal, and ability to infuse a bohemian vibe into any living space.

Macramé door curtains

The curtains enhance a home's overall décor and serve the practical purpose of separating rooms while maintaining an open feel. A Macramé door curtain may be the perfect solution if you want to elevate your home's interior design or search for a functional way to divide rooms.

Selecting the right materials is paramount when crafting a beautiful and functional Macramé door curtain. There are several key factors to consider when choosing the ideal materials for your project. These include the materials' quality and durability, the cords' texture and thickness, and the color scheme that best complements your overall design aesthetic. 

By carefully considering these elements, you can create a stunning Macramé door curtain that will be a striking and practical addition to any space.

1. Rope or Cord Selection

    The primary material used when crafting Macramé door curtains is rope or cord. The selection of rope plays a crucial role in determining the eventual appearance and longevity of the product. 

    It is advisable to consider a few key factors to make an informed choice. These may include the thickness and texture of the rope, its overall strength and durability, and how well it complements the intended design aesthetic. By considering these variables, you can ensure that your finished Macrame door curtains look great and stand the test of time.

    • Material

    When choosing the right materials for your project, opting for high-quality options that stand the test of time and offer a natural and rustic appearance is crucial. Some of the best materials to consider include cotton, jute, and yarn. These options are durable and offer excellent knot-holding capabilities, making them ideal for a wide range of projects. 

    best macramé yarn


    On the other hand, synthetic materials should be avoided as they tend to fray easily and may not hold knots effectively, which could compromise the overall quality and longevity of your project.

    • Thickness

    When selecting a rope for your curtain, it's important to consider the thickness of the material, as it can significantly impact the overall texture and appearance. If you're looking for a chunkier, bohemian style, opting for thicker ropes is the way to go. These will give your curtain a more substantial look and feel. 

    On the other hand, if you prefer a more delicate and intricate appearance, thinner ropes are the better choice. These will provide a more refined and subtle texture, perfect for a softer aesthetic. It's all about finding the right balance between thickness and style to achieve the perfect look for your space.

    • Color

    When choosing the right color for your décor, it's important to consider the room's existing interior design. You have two main options: choose a shade that complements the current color palette or a bold contrast that adds some visual interest. 

    bohemian style


    If you're looking for a safe choice, neutral colors like beige, cream, and white are always good options. These shades are versatile and can work well in most settings. However, don't be afraid to let your style shine through by trying out different colors that speak to you. After all, your home should reflect your unique personality and taste.

    2. Wooden Dowels or Rings

      Before you start making your beautiful Macramé door curtain, it is important to decide on the framework that will be used. This can be done by choosing between wooden dowels or rings for the top and bottom. 

      Each of these two options offers unique aesthetics, meaning your decision will depend on your preference and the specific appearance you want for your curtain.

      Wooden Dowels or Rings


      Wooden dowels are a fantastic option for those seeking a straightforward and timeless look. They offer durability and ease of use, resulting in a polished finish for your curtains' upper and lower edges.

      On the other hand, metal rings can add an elegant and contemporary touch to your Macramé door curtain. Rings also offer more flexibility in hanging and can be an excellent option for irregularly sized doorways.

      3. Beads and Embellishments

        If you want to elevate the appearance of your Macrame door curtain and make it unique, try incorporating beads and other decorative elements. You can integrate the beads into the macramé pattern or add heft to the curtain, which will improve the way it hangs.

        Beads and Embellishments


        • Material 

        Wooden, ceramic, or glass beads are popular choices that complement the natural look of Macramé. You can also experiment with metal or colored beads to create a more diverse design.

        • Placement

        Consider where you want to add beads – at the top, bottom, or interspersed throughout the Macramé pattern. This decision will influence your door curtain's overall visual effect and feel.


        Choosing the perfect materials for your Macramé door curtain is essential to achieve a stunning and functional result. Take the time to select high-quality ropes or cords that match your desired aesthetic, and carefully choose between wooden dowels or rings to frame your creation. 

        Additionally, adding beads and embellishments can further enhance the appeal of your curtain, making it an eye-catching and attractive addition to your home. With the right materials and creativity, you'll have a beautiful Macramé door curtain to impress your guests and become a focal point in your living space. 

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        Happy Macramé crafting!