In a world brimming with modern design trends, the art of Macrame has staged an enchanting comeback, weaving its intricate knots into the hearts of interior design enthusiasts and DIY fans alike. Originating from ancient civilizations, this age-old technique involves crafting delicate and mesmerizing patterns using only cords and two hands.

How To Make Macramé Plant Hanger?

One of the most delightful applications of Macrame is the creation of plant hangers – a delightful marriage of functionality and aesthetics. Macrame plant hangers have experienced a resurgence in popularity, adding a touch of boho chic to any space. These beautiful and versatile creations allow you to showcase your favorite plants creatively and stylishly.


Materials you need

  • Macrame  cord (we have taken 3mm single-strand cotton cord)
  • A metal or wooden ring as the plant hanger base (60-70mm)
  • Scissors


“Note: You can take two different colors of cord if you want to.”


Gather your materials to begin.🤗


Step 1 - 

Cut eight cords with a length of 4 meters (4.5 yards)

 Macramé Hanging Planters

Step 2 - 

Loop those eight cord ends through the wooden ring (the base) and bring both the side of ends together.

So now you will have 16 Macrame cords as you doubled the Macrame cords over the wooden ring.


Step 3 -

Take a different piece of Macrame cord with a length of 24 inches and create a tight gathering knot close to the wooden ring to secure the Macrame cords altogether.

Step 4 - 

Separate 4 Macrame cords for the four arms to support your plant hanger.


Step 5 - 

Start creating square knots and keep creating them until you get 18 square knots.


Step 6 -

Once you have created 18 square knots with one group of 4 Macrame cords, repeat the process with the rest of the cord groups.

square knots

Step 7 - 

Once you are done with creating straight square knots, you can now start with doing spiral knots.

straight square knots

Step 8 -

After creating the knots with all the cords, measure the length of your plant pot that you want to hang in the planter.

knots with all the cords

Step 9 -

Once you have measured the length to leave in between, start creating alternative square knots.

alternating square knots.

Step 10 - 

After doing all the knots, it's time to secure the cords. 

Once again, secure the cords with a gathering knot.

Trim the excessive 

And your plant hanger is ready. 🤗

Macrame  Plant Hanger

The plant hanger which we created in this tutorial is just a one-tier plant hanger. If you want a two-tier or three-tier plant hanger, you can create repeating the same pattern.

 You can also use different colors of Macrame cords to create gathering knots. So, now you have your plant hanger ready to hold your lovely pots to accentuate your interior.


You can add wooden beads in between the knots to make your plant hanger more decorative. In addition to its traditional use of holding plants, a Macrame  plant hanger can serve various decorative and functional purposes within interior spaces:


1. Artistic Wall Accent

    Hang the Macrame plant hanger on a wall as an artistic focal point. Its intricate knots, and textures can add visual interest and a bohemian vibe to the room.


    2. Curtain Tiebacks

      Use a sturdy Macrame hanger to gather and tie back curtains. This can lend a unique touch to window treatments and add a hint of natural texture to the room.


      3. Room Divider

        String several Macrame plant hangers in a row to create a stylish and lightweight room divider. This can help delineate spaces in an open floor plan while maintaining an airy feel.


        4. Jewelry Organizer

          Hang the hanger in your bedroom or closet to organize and display jewelry. You can use S-hooks to hang earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from the various knots.


          5. Floating Shelves

            Place a wooden board across the base of a Macrame hanger, turning it into a floating shelf. Use it to display small decorative items, books, or even a small potted plant.


            6. Decorative Lighting

              Insert a string of fairy lights or battery-operated LED lights within the Macrame knots. This can create a warm and whimsical ambiance in the room when illuminated.


              7. Indoor Hammock

                 Depending on the strength of the hanger and the weight it can support, you could create a mini indoor hammock for lounging. Ensure proper anchoring for safety.


                8. Nursery Decor

                  Hang a Macrame plant hanger in a nursery to hold stuffed animals or baby essentials. Its soft and charming appearance can complement the baby's room decor.


                  9. Kitchen Storage

                    The hanger can be repurposed to hold small pots or utensils in the kitchen, adding a touch of rustic charm to your culinary space.


                    10. Bathroom Organizer

                      Hang the hanger in the bathroom to hold towels, washcloths, or toiletries. This can provide a practical storage solution while enhancing the room's aesthetics.


                      11. Wedding Decor

                        Incorporate Macrame hangers into wedding or event decor. They can be used to hold floral arrangements, display seating assignments, or add a boho element to the venue.


                        12. Holiday Ornaments

                          During festive seasons, the hanger can be adorned with seasonal decorations, turning it into a unique and eye-catching holiday ornament.



                          Remember that the specific use of a Macrame plant hanger will depend on its size, design, and the weight it can safely bear. Always ensure proper installation and consider the durability of the hanger for its intended purpose.

                           As you step back to admire your creation, a sense of accomplishment and enchantment envelops you. A symphony of knots and cords, your Macrame plant hanger elevates your cherished plant and your sense of creativity and connection to ancient artisanal traditions. 

                          This tutorial has illuminated the path, yet the journey extends far beyond these words. In a world that often rushes past, this crafting venture reminds us to slow down, connect with materials, and create beauty – one knot at a time.

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                          Happy Knotting!!!